Uplaoding figures to your smartfigure gallery preview

This blog post will explain different steps to add an image in the preview of your group smartfigure gallery as seen on the website. In short, we will upload an image on the gallery, share it with the SFB1315 members and add a tag corresponding to your project name.

Sign in

Visit https://sdash.sourcedata.io.

I registered most of you already, so you should be able to sign in with your email address (otherwise, you will need to register yourself). You can now change your information by clicking on the profile menu on the top right: add your name and optionally your orcid id, leave the rest empty for now. Go back to the dashboard once finished.

update your profile info

Upload figure and tag it

Either drag and drop a figure in your browser, or click the browse button to choose a file. It will then uplaod the figure, be patient at this point. It may not give a message right away.

Once you see the figure on your gallery, click on it to access the metadata. In the SmartTags tab, you can enter free text tab in the last box. Type: project:xxx where xxx is the name of your project (for example, project:A01). Type return, the tag should be colored. You can add more tags and metadata if you like.

add tags

Share the figure

You should see the SFB1315 Members group on the left pannel, if you do not see it, please contact me (Julien Colomb) to get access.

If you see the group, it means you can share figures to it. Click on the right circle visible on the figure thumbnail in the gallery. It will select the figure (you can select more than one at a time). Now click the people icon on the banner on the top right. Choose the sfb1315 Members in the dropdown menu, and click the add to group button.

share figure


When searching for project:xxx via the search button, you should then see that image (among the others) and it should have a sharing icon on the bottom left of the preview.