Entering the SmartFigure Gallery

This blog post will explain how to login to the smartfigure gallery, and update your profile. Please refer to this page for a description of the platform use. Content Not sure whether you have an account ? Login in the platform Update your profile See SFB1315 figures Not sure whether you have an account ? To test whether an account is linked to your email, request for a new password, enter your email address in the field and click the button.

Using the smartfigure gallery

In this post I will go step by step through the creation and sharing of SmartFigures on https://sdash.sourcedata.io, we take for granted that you have an account and you are part of the SFB1315 members group. Browse content Search and filter content Smartfigures details Create or modify SmartFigure Upload an image Modify images Making the figure smart 1. Sources 2. Keywords Sharing the figure Publish the figure Browse content Search and filter content Your dashboard will show all figures you have access to, the newest one on top.

Using OrcID

This blog post will explain different steps to fill your orcid profile, but let’s start by giving an introduction about why I would like to use orcid as a data source for personal pages of the SFB1315. You are welcome to skip this part, it is indeed faster to get a profile than it is to decide to have one. Why you should have an orcid profile Every researcher is asked to fill forms again and again.