Uplaoding figures to your smartfigure gallery preview

This blog post will explain different steps to add an image in the preview of your group smartfigure gallery as seen on the website. In short, we will upload an image on the gallery, share it with the SFB1315 members and add a tag corresponding to your project name. Sign in Visit https://sdash.sourcedata.io. I registered most of you already, so you should be able to sign in with your email address (otherwise, you will need to register yourself).

Using OrcID

This blog post will explain different steps to fill your orcid profile, but let’s start by giving an introduction about why I would like to use orcid as a data source for personal pages of the SFB1315. You are welcome to skip this part, it is indeed faster to get a profile than it is to decide to have one. Why you should have an orcid profile Every researcher is asked to fill forms again and again.